Chapter Committees

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Membership Chair: Spencer Williams

  • Membership is the backbone and driving force from which the Institute derives its strength and key to the success of all Institute activities. Membership provides the Institute with the human and financial resources necessary to achieve its goals. This committee develops and implements a marketing plan to recruit and renew chapter members.

Academic Chair: Sarah King

  • Interfaces with the local colleges and universities to present CSI-oriented educational opportunities and to develop and support student chapters of CSI at those institutions.

Scholarship Chair: John Schilling & Mitch Acock (OSU)

                                Brian McNally & Dean Bortz (CSCC)

  • Coordinates the application process with The Ohio State University for the annual George Van Niel Scholarship. Sets the parameters and goals of this three part exam, including choosing a creative and unique project for the students to specify.

Programs / Education Chair: Ed Gebauer

  • Sources, develops and schedules educational programs to benefit the membership and construction industry which are compatible with the purposes of the Institute. 

Golf Chair: Thad Goodman

  • Organizes the annual Columbus Chapter golf event. Develops and communicates a marketing strategy to encourage involvement and participation in this fundraising event.

Technical Chair: Rick Howard

  • Responsible for planning and oversight of technical activities including the management of published technical documents, keeping them up to date with industry practices and standards and undertaking new endeavors.

Awards Chair: Brian McNally

  • Recognizes the talent, achievements and notable contributions to the construction industry that support the purpose of CSI. It is essential to recognize those members and others who contribute time and effort generously. An award that conveys gracious and grateful recognition of extraordinary effort will encourage continuing contributions. An awards program intensifies member’s interest, gains new members, develops new talent and stimulates interest in CSI’s growth.

Planning Chair: Tod McKirnan & Dave Petersen

  • Guides the process of long-range planning for the chapter leaders.

Certification Chair: Dean Bortz

  • Dedicated to encouraging and facilitating the certification of the members through the CDT, CCS, CCCA and CCPR exams.

Hospitality Chair: Dave Petersen

  • Responsible for the monthly dinner meetings, making arrangements with the venue, receiving and processing reservations and payments, and setting up the venue for each meeting. It also oversees activities welcoming newcomers to the chapter.

Product Show Chair: Jim McDonald & Adam Olson

  • Organizes and administers the annual local trade show and education day. The Committee establishes the program of educations and invites exhibitors to provide information to architects, specification writers and facility owners and managers.

Electronic Communications Chair: Ryan Carpico

  • Develops and maintains the chapter website and email programs.

Social Networking Chair: Joe Kyle & Lacey Thomas

  • Develops and maintains the chapter social networking programs.

Editor Chair: Thad Goodman & Ryan Carpico

  • Develops and maintains the chapter newsletter.

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